I am really suffering in the new news landscape created by the gutting of our daily paper. I was opposed to it to start with by the reality of it is so much worse than what I had anticipated. The minimal reporting that does happen in print is mostly re-runs of things on the Internet.

I feel completely disconnected from city, county and state news. Stories I have attempted to follow just drift away.

The paper arrives in print too late to read before work and is literally 75% sports and ads. The nation, international, metro and business news is one thin section of USA Today length stories, most of them not written by paper staffers. I normally consume a lot of news. What used to be the local daily for metro & statehouse news, a weekly suburban paper, and a weekly hyper local paper. With supplemental NPR and BBC & CNN on the Internet.

I had an interesting conversation with my husband last night and discovered I am as finicky as a cat with a bowl of discount food.

I was explaining how I was having a hard time believing folks when they told me I was good at certain things. He said “Well you’ve been that way for the last twenty years.” I told him that since I had not mastered some of the skills, it would be presumptuous of me to say I was “good at something”.