I just finished a book where all the women friends tell each other in great detail about their sex lives. Usually while eating ice cream or bakery in their jammies. These descriptions include cute, short-hand words for various positions and intensity, as well as props for “gettin what you need”. I am woman hear me roar.

Seeing as it is the “holiday season” there is more hugging going on than is typical. Friends hug you, your boss hugs you, acquaintances hug you, sometimes even strangers hug you. The stranger is usually the +1 dragged to party.

I almost never initiate hugs, but I always reciprocate. The almost is for friends kids under the age of eight and people that I know are “huggy”. Once a kid gets to be about nine years old hugs from people outside of the family can seem creepy.

Last night my daughter was attempting to explain the Bitch Manifesto.

She read it in the book Radical Feminists: A Guide to an American Subculture, which she got at the library book sale. Probably a Women’s Studies class discard since there are several colleges in the area. When she volunteers for the Friends of the Library book sale, the “thank you” is a voucher for a couple of free books, or if you volunteer near the end of the sale, whatever you can fit in a bag.

We have a general policy that she can read whatever she can comprehend,