So it all boils down to this.

The GOP does not believe health care should be a government responsibility. War, prisons, executions, walls to keep immigrants out, tax breaks and subsidies for billionaires, restricting and limiting voting, these are all the governments business, but not health care. Unless that health care has to do with women’s reproduction, that of course is an acceptable place for GOP noses to go poking.

The umpteenth letter to the editor in our daily paper ranting how abortion is a moral failing that is ripping apart the very fabric of our country gave me pause. Its not that anyone was swaying my opinion that abortion is a medical procedure better performed in a clinic than a back alley, rather I thought “Really? Is there no other problem in the world? Nothing else to focus on but the thoughtless killing of innocent little lives also known as a blastocyst?”

I am firmly Pro-Choice, Pro-Abortion and Pro Women (& Human) Rights in general

Since I only have a few minutes, I am only going to focus on a few minutes out of the Vice Presidential debate last night.

If you put aside all the “malarkey”, distortions and ideological nuances, what the debate last night gave us was a very clear picture of two forms of government. Answering the question asked by Raddatz, “What role your religion has played in your own personal views on abortion”, the candidates gave voters a fundamental choice between systems of government.