I know I jokingly put up a photo of my cat and a cake the other day because google stats for cat photos and cooking blogs are insane, but now I really am writing about my cat. My other cat Terry, the younger, more affectionate one, had an emergency run to the vet to get a wound stitched. Also known as a “small surgery” which seems to better justify the size of the check you write.

We went to see Moonrise Kingdom the new Wes Anderson movie yesterday. It was a lovely movie. A vast improvement on the usual young love, Romeo & Juliet story line. Based on overheard comments as we left the theatre, I think you either love Wes Anderson movies or you don’t get them at all.

Our daughter was with us as she is also a big fan of Anderson movies. She is a great person to see a movie with because she suspends belief, gets totally into the story and doesn’t hide her reactions. She will laugh uninhibitedly, cry at the oddest moments and unashamedly cover her face during scary parts. And I can’t reliably predict any of those reactions.