Graduation Season

cartoon Amanda congratulates cartoon daughter

It happened again.

An acquaintance introduced me to her other friend, and when we got through names, titles and work places, I remarked that we did similar kinds of work. The mutual acquaintance immediately said “No. She has a PhD. She’s Dr. _______.” As if this changed the fact that we had the same titles and did the same job.

I deal with this all the time in academia. A subtle or not so subtle belief that everything tastes better with a PhD.

I respect the work it takes for someone to get a PhD. I know it means (in this system) that they automatically have higher status and command greater respect than I do in almost any situation. I also know I will never have a PhD.

Once upon a time I thought that was my path. That I would get a PhD, and teach, write and go to meetings for a living. And then life happened and I went in a different direction. I am happy with my education and I’m not ashamed of my lack of a doctorate. Here I am and no regrets. And I still get to go to meetings for a living.

Some days it’s a bit trying to ride out the slights (conscious and unconscious) that come my way because I lack that terminal degree. If I didn’t have a solid reputation for the quality of my work it would be a sad state of affairs indeed.

Most days – almost all of them any more – I get to work with a whole lot of super smart, dedicated people that are more interesting in what we accomplish together than everyone’s status or credentials. And I am grateful.

So in this season of graduations I want to take a moment to applaud the accomplishments of everyone getting a degree. Including my darling daughter and all her pals (shout out to those former Heights Tigers!)

I am sure I missed a few but congrats to all on attaining your:

  • general equivalency degree
  • high school diploma
  • associate of arts
  • associate of science
  • associate of applied science
  • associate of occupational studies
  • bachelor of arts
  • bachelor of science
  • master of arts
  • master of science
  • master of business administration
  • doctor of philosophy
  • juris doctor
  • doctor of medicine
  • doctor of dental surgery
  • your O.W.L.S , your N.E.W.T.s and everything in between. You did it.

Worthy accomplishments all.

cartoon Amanda congratulates cartoon daughter
Congratulations on your graduation Isabella!