Ranting in disgust – a proud mother moment

The other day my daughter posted a mini-rant on her Facebook page. She must have been deeply bored to be trolling a social media platform that has been officially co-opted by middle-aged parents. Maybe she was logged on to look at pictures of her totally adorable toddler cousin. Babies, cats and vacation photos are why FB exists at this point.

I’m embarrassed to say that I thought her post was actually a re-post from an article on the Ms. Blog, but when I mentioned it she started ranting about how “…Facebook and Instagram can magically locate where you are on a map to the exact address of the house, but the cell phone companies won’t give out the information when a woman is getting killed?!?”

Her very own rant.

Proud mother moment. Sniff.

Below is what she posted & the article that prompted it. And I agree it is outrageous and stupid. You’re better off doing a check-in on Facebook  and asking your friends to send the police than waiting for the cell company to read the GPS. And of course there are additional privacy v. safety issues to debate, but still.