After ten years in the same location at work I’m being relocated. It’s a good thing for my office. A central location, easy access to parking, closer to all the meetings I need to walk to, a reception space for my assistant. But.

I am leaving my corner office which is a wood lined parlor in an old mansion, for a space that was created by using modular frosted-glass walls. I will say goodbye to my floor to ceiling windows, marble fireplace and pocket doors and say hello to minimalism, electric light and blaring music from the nearby campus bar. 9e57f272461611e2b65722000a1fb376_5

It will take some getting used to.

I will take down 10 years worth of kid drawings and school photos. Ten years worth of political cartoons and quotes.

I will sort through 10 years of papers, conference proceedings and files that were important enough to save, but not important enough to ever read again.

I will try not to get distracted by reading while boxing up my books and files.

I will finally get rid of all those binders that I’ve saved thinking they will come in handy sometime.  Sometime has come & gone and to save them now I have to pay the moving guys to carry them.

Moving is in the top 10 Stressful Situations (along with death of a loved one, divorce, job loss, major illness etc.) because of the way it disrupts routine. Moving your office isn’t quite the same but surely it breaks the top 100. Or at least it does for me.

Random photos of my life in my current office.

Remember this?



Photo on 2011-01-14 at 09.47 #2
Window behind my desk shaded by a giant oak tree


The kid. First day of 1st grade.