The budget shenanigans of the 112th and 113th Congress have irritated me more than any other idiocy they have indulged in. Even the 30+ house votes to repeal the ACA had some comic value compared to brutal reality of 16 days of government shutdown, sequestration, and the debt ceiling crisis.

We very nearly have a federal budget that will prevent shutdowns for the next two years (woohoo!) but as we all know it ain’t over till it’s over. A test vote isn’t the final vote. Why? Because “some Republicans who voted yes on Tuesday’s procedural vote said they would ultimately oppose it.”

So even if though it got through the Crazy House, it can still fall apart in the Senate because someone is up for re-election which means the Koch Brother and the Tea Party are breathing down their necks.

So here I am rooting for a budget that boots millions of unemployed off their benefits and doesn’t restore food stamp cuts because NOT having a budget is even worse. And this is being praised as a “rare bipartisan accomplishment.”

It’s no mystery why the 113th Congress approval rating is currently below 10%. Let see if they get it done.


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  1. “a decent indicator of how Congress deals with next year’s prickly battles is that all seven Republican Senators facing primary challengers in 2014 were opponents of the budget deal. And in the House, where all members are up for reelection, primary challengers are also common, forcing lawmakers to appeal to party activists often by shunning compromise.”

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