Pick a little

I know the Pick-A Little song from music man is really about women gossiping in a small town but it is the most precise description of what was going on in my head last night during the hours when I should have been asleep. My worry insomnia has reached a new entertaining level.

Now instead of obsessing on a single topic of regret, failure or anticipation (how’s that for past, present or future?), the pick a little ladies are dancing around in my head driving me to multi task. An activity log of what the ladies were up to last night when I should have been sleeping:

  • worrying that the hotel I was in had bed bugs (3 hours)
  • listing all the things I have to do next week and which day I should do them on (2 hours)
  • replaying an interview word-by-word to analyze exactly where and how I said the wrong thing (1.5 hours)
  • seeing how many song lyrics I know by heart from the new Michael Franti album (.5 hours)
  • doing mediation breathing while simultaneously telling myself to shut up (.5 hours)

And now it’s time to “wake up”, drink coffee and face the new day.
Listen to the Pick-A-Little song if you don’t know it.


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