Bad Form

When I was a kid there was a cartoon called “Hillbilly Bears.” One character, instead of swearing, would say something like “Fricka fracka, mika mack!” That how I feel about Gov. Kasich’s Medicare expansion shenanigans. I support Medicare expansion. I think it’s a good and useful thing for 275,000 more people to have access to healthcare. The expansion will help close the gap for people who don’t qualify for subsidies and yet can’t afford the new ACA rates. My objection  is how he achieved his objectives. Replacing board members with people who will vote how you want them too undermines and makes a mockery of democracy meaning I have to argue against something I desperately want because the end does not justify the means.

Fricka frakca, micka mack.

This is not the first time this Governor has used what I consider private sector style tactics to get what he wants. During the controversial anti-union Senate Bill (SB 5) hearings two GOP committee members who had voiced doubts about the bill were replaced with more compatible voices. The good news is that SB 5 was repealed by voters the following November as Issue 2, but the pattern is clear. Committee members will be fired if they don’t line up with the Governor’s plans. Power will be exercised.

Mr. Kasich needs to be reminded that government is not a business and a Governor is not a CEO.

Meanwhile, I am forced to disapprove of an outcome I approve of because playing the game this way is bad for everyone. Our political system is flawed – I can rant for hours about the gerrymandering that landed us here – but our job as citizens is to fix it not flaunt it.