We interrupt…

…almost everything! The Republican sideshow we are being forced to endure is not only irresponsible, its destructive.

I just got a 16 page memo from a federal budget office about how to proceed with grant funded work if the shutdown goes forward. This does not affect the work that I do very much, but there are many others who will be hurt by this. That sound you hear is fear and worry as contracts grind to a halt, families review their budgets to see how furloughs can be managed, and administrators scramble for ways to compensate for lost work and time

The sound you should hear is a roar of outrage across the county! Once again I call on every federally funded academic to get your head out of the lab, pick up the phone and call John Boehner and let him know how destructive this brinksmanship is to the progress of research.

So much is at stake and the GOP plays games like compromise is an indecent concept. Failure to compromise should be the shame all politicians fear. Being rigid and inflexible in your opinions is cause for ridicule – it means you can’t learn or change.

Circumstances change, people change, information changes but the GOP hangs onto their crazy town banana pants ideas. Its Tea Party hardliners throwing a tantrum. Refusing to compromise isn’t strength, its ignorant.

Here is the link to email Mr. Speaker http://www.speaker.gov/contactor Or call him at 202.225.0600.

Interrupt whatever you are doing and say something.