August looks like it might shape up to be a month of self discovery. Things I need to discover in no particular order:

  • What is the value proposition for the coaching business I am slowly launching?
  • How do I fit meditation into daily life since the next four months are already jam-packed with work nuttiness and can only get busier?
  • How will I construct the formula for the percentage of time I dedicate to coaching/writing/socializing outside of the full-time job that pays for all that fancy cheese?

A recent discovery, that surely counts in the scheme of life lessons, is that I am too old to go on amusement park rides. Visiting a lovely, old-fashioned park with my husband, daughter and my daughters friend, I blithely hopped on rides I loved as a kid, only to discover they beat the crap out of my middle-aged body.

Rattling, wooden roller coasters are the most terrifying fun until I realized as I exited the ride that slamming from side to side against the metal car made multiple body parts ache ominously. My husband pointed out bruises this morning that I didn’t realize I earned yesterday. It was great fun to watch the teenagers enjoy themselves which I never understood when I was a kid and my parents didn’t want to ride.

The only non-amusing part was when some burly men with bad tempers worked themselves into a fight. I missed the part where they exchanged punches, but it was still very unpleasant. I never will understand what makes one person think its okay to hit another person no matter what the offense. It’s mystifying. 

Off to more amusements. And more self-discovery.amuse