I was at a meeting last night and as it was finishing a colleague pulled me into a conversation.

He started with how eloquent I am.
And what a gift for language.
How I say things just so.
And my statements are so powerful in the meeting.
And everyone always listens to me.
And how I should run for city council.

This was deeply flattering. The colleague had run for council several times (and lost) and seemed to think that I had what it takes to be a force for change on council. He went on to stress how we need powerful women running the city, and it takes a lot of effort but my husband can help me and my child can knock on doors.

I entertained this for a moment. I told him I knew nothing about running a campaign and didn’t have the deep pocket friends that it seems to require to be successful in politics. He went on for a bit about how you do it, the logistics and campaign managers, filing papers and getting signatures. I have to admit it is a very intriguing idea.

But I don’t know if I am cut out for politics. I probably fit better in the gadfly category. Still it was very flattering.

All it takes is watching the ending of the Candidate again to help purge the impulse.