Reality Check

I occasionally read science fiction and sci-fi fantasy books. Less now than I used to just because it takes effort to find good writing and when I pick up a book at the library its invariably the 3rd installment of something that is a splinter world of source material I haven’t read. So mostly I stick to Terry Pratchett & Octavia Butler, neither of whom are writing much anymore.

One series I liked once upon a time was about a split world of technology & magic. There were places where you stepped through a curtain and you were with the unicorns and wizards. Split Infinity was the name. The trick was that  you could only cross the curtain if your counterpart in the other world was dead. At least that’s how I remember it

I feel like I am living in two worlds at the moment. In one world I have a full time job where I perform certain tasks that I get paid for because they are assigned to me. In this world I spend a lot of time with my friends iMac and Pandora. I have been told that my skill set lacks certain competencies around oral and written communication, team work, cooperation and interpersonal respect. I need to try harder.

In the other world I am paid to perform tasks because they are my greatest competencies. I spend time with other humans who seek me out for these competencies. My skill set includes interpersonal respect, deep and effective communication and positive collaboration. I receive praise and thanks.

It is getting harder and harder to cycle between these two worlds. The magic world seems more real everyday, and the real world more bizarre. Writing is part of the magic world that’s crystal clear. Its also part of my reality check.

Little deep for Friday afternoon but its almost quitting time. Yup. Its almost quiting time.

That will be the ultimate reality check.