Gray Days

I live in a place where we get a lot of weather.

Cold weather, hot weather, rainy weather, snowy weather and most especially cloudy weather. The skies can be gray for days on end no matter the temperature. The upside to daily life being monochromatic is that when we do get a Kodachrome day everyone goes insane.

Carpe Diem does not quite capture the zeal with which people take to the outdoors around here when the sun shines. Parks, lakes, sidewalks, front yards, young & old, everyone is out biking, running or just taking a walk. If you have lived here for more than a year you know that every mild, sunny day may be “the last nice day” so you go outside.

People are giddy. We smile, talk to the neighbors and make the most of it. I got some more caulking done, along with a few more of the never-ending fall chores. Did some shopping, poking in the bookstore and cleaned three shelves that the sunny day revealed were coated in dust.

All in all an excellent use of of a Saturday that may be the last nice day we have for a while. I guess you have to have the gray to appreciate the color.