Labor Day

Someone asked me, as people do – “Got good plans for the Labor Day weekend?” and I replied Yes! I will be glazing windows! You?

This led to my explaining glazing which is a word that describes the glass itself as well as the caulk like compound used to keep the glass from falling out of the window. Glazing, being exposed to weather, chips, cracks and all around disintegrates which then leads to drafty windows. So it has to be repaired. Actually, to be truthful, what has to happen is:

  1. scrape away old glazing
  2. sand window frame
  3. repair cracked or damaged wood
  4. sand newly repaired cracked or damaged wood
  5. clean window frame
  6. apply new glazing and replace glazing points if needed
  7. allow glazing to cure, apply primer
  8. paint

Glazing is why people get replacement windows.

Still it is Labor Day when, if you’re a home owner, you’re obligated to labor on your house, garage, driveway or deck to begin the countdown to winter. And we live in a tricky weather area, so we could have snow in 30 days or 90 days. I need to look at the Farmer’s Almanac soon.

Owning a house is in itself a labor. Now I know why my parents saw every long weekend and day off of school as an opportunity to round up their children and teach them the meaning of work. In their defense there is a lot to do to keep up a house.

My husband and I are continuing this tradition in that we have made the front porch renovation (glazing, scraping, painting etc.) a family affair. Our daughter is a good with a putty knife and doesn’t mind painting the low bits so we can save our old, old knees.  This allowed me to blow off the Mormon missionary guys making their rounds last weekend when they offered to help.  I said we were training our daughter for when she owns her own house, so they went away. Its nice that they offer to help. I never accept.

The last thing I said to the woman today – who now knows all about glazing windows – was ‘Dont ever buy a house.’

Her face lit up like I gave her a gift. She told me she didn’t want to buy a house, but everyone in her family kept telling her it was time to buy a house, and renting is like throwing your money out the window, and I was the first person to ever tell her it was a bad idea to buy a house.

I told her a house is tons of work and responsibility and owning a house is not a symbol of adulthood. And if she absolutely had to own something she could someday think about a condo, but don’t rush it.  If she gets the urge to buy a house she can come over my place and caulk the tub, or clean gutters or something else necessary and disgusting and just get it out of her system.

Happy long weekend non-home owners!