One perspective of academia that never seems to be part of the talking-head, anti-elitist yammering on Fox News is the work-till-you-drop work ethic. Being around research faculty at a doctoral institution makes a 40-hour work week seem like a walk in the park. Some of them work 12-hour days and straight through the weekends. Many of them are on second marriages…hmm…correlation or causation?

On the upside when I look exhausted and have bags the size of baguettes under my eyes, they are impressed rather than concerned. A visible sign of dedication, exhaustion = commitment.

Color me committed.

I know I am swamped and bailing when I have an impulse to burrow – just go shopping or read a novel, take a nap. Have Brazil-like moment and check out…

Enough whining,”some people don’t have any legs” as my mother used to say, which translates from Big Alice into “Shut up, you are lucky to have a job.” I am grateful and will be more so when I check a few major things off my To-Do list, get some work/life balance back and lose the hag bags under my eyes.

And just for the record – while I might consider a different kind of work (plate spinning maybe?), I would never consider an eye tuck.

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