I spend some of my time at work helping people brilliant in another field understand emotional intelligence. Unfortunately, I am less Master and more Grasshopper when it comes to implementing these principals in my own life.

I tend to provoke. Or maybe incite, I’m not sure.

I am starting to suspect that its intellectual tenaciousness + gadfly impulses that cause me to not realize that I am the only one relishing the hot button topics I raise. I am willing to talk about anything with anyone, not just for arguments sake, but because its FUN! to hear others reasoning and dissect my own around issues. I always learn something.

Hence, the column written for the school that I truly thought was mild and benign, was in fact, a powder keg the school district had no interest in holding a match to. Thank goodness my husband is willing to gently point out when “benign” is actually provocative. I also don’t take offense that the school didn’t want to run it, they make choices for a range of reasons and I respect that. I don’t need to be privy to the formula unless its a freedom of speech issue.

The most recent benign, teaching moment I am embracing is the abortion story line in Doonesbury. Garry Trudeau is a genius with a conscience. He redeems our comic pages which still run Beetle Bailey, Mary Worth and two dead cartoonists (Keane and Schulz). I suggested K Chronicles when they asked readers to weigh in on new strips to run, but no go.

The controversy Trudeau is the center of stems from not just his strip content – which highlights the insanity of the anti-abortion religious right influencing laws – but from newspapers censoring the strip for reasons of “civility and decency”.

All very provocative.

I hope this keeps abortion restrictions in the news where they belong. I hope it makes people WAKE UP! and realize that you can’t take anything for granted.

Rights you don’t fight for slip away.

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