New Diet

I really need to go on a news diet. Limit my intake to 1,200 high quality words a day obtained from organic, bozo free sources.

The first thing I am giving up is the Letters to the Editor section of the local paper. I read these letters and swing between being outraged at the 100% lies that are permitted because it is opinion, and being depressed because these people live in the same city as me.

I always look at the signature first since I know all the local cranks by name. I cruelly categorize them as frustrated novelists, wannabe talking heads, living room preachers and of course, religious nut jobs.

One unnamed (because he wants you to know his name I refuse to print it here) white, suburban crank spends a lot of time crafting his vitriol before he spews. A recent letter of his about health care in the news contained this nugget “…the Faustian bargain that Congress passed late at night in a swarm of lobbyists and militant, progressive estrogen.”

Isn’t it cute when they get all frothy at the mouth?

Today there was another one blaming “the false promises of the sexual revolution” for “mothers being married to government benefits” rather than their “babydaddy”.

Being rather tired of it all, this particular “militant, progressive estrogen” (yes that is a quote from a letter today) is declaring herself on a news diet before I become One of Them.