More Sex

I just finished a book where all the women friends tell each other in great detail about their sex lives. Usually while eating ice cream or bakery in their jammies. These descriptions include cute, short-hand words for various positions and intensity, as well as props for “gettin what you need”. I am woman hear me roar.

While I have been friends with women who share all the details this way, I have never been part of any sisterhood of naughty pants that turned sharing into a Meg Ryan movie.

I can’t imagine why.

Actually, I figure I know why I wouldn’t be invited to that kind of pajama party. My demeanor can sometimes be a tad reserved (see post A Good Sport for example). I am sure folks can tell that, despite the freedom with which I share my vast and varied opinions, I don’t share sex details with anyone I am not currently having sex with.

What I can’t imagine is why people share. Are they comparing notes to see who has more/better sex? Is it a husband/boyfriend competition? Does it prove how sexy you are? It’s a mystery to me, but obviously not to the unnamed and wildly prolific chick-lit writer who introduced me to the concept.

Still. In the name of sisterhood, I am always ready to lend an ear.9555350