A Sunny Day

The sun is shining for the second day in a row in a month that is normally Sylvia Plath gloomy. This means that I am, 1) more cheerful, and 2) struggling with the overwhelming desire to redecorate my house.

This desire is caused by the sun, at its winter angle through the windows, illuminating a fresh vista of dust, dirt, smudges, chipped paint and other household flaws. Here is where my usual organizational ability fails me.

I don’t want to be methodical, I want to start everything at once.

Update the fireplace brick and mantle, paint the foyer, change the drapes in the whole house, re-cover the dining room chairs, put new doors on the bedroom closet, empty my office, paint the walls, rearrange the furniture and sort all the books.

You get the idea.

What I really need is for tomorrow to be rainy and gray so I am not tempted to stop at Home Depot on my way to work. They open at 6:00 am…