Mom Blog

Someone called this a Mom Blog.

This really bummed me out, but I’m not sure why. I do write about parenting and my kid, and all the really sexy bits of living a suburban lifestyle, so maybe it is a Mom blog.

Maybe there is a lesson here.
Maybe I am really a “self-hating Mom”.
Maybe I have internalized negative stereotypes associated with women who write about the quirky things their kids say.
Maybe I have a fear of any label that reduces my identity to a single point in time.

Or maybe I know that a “Mom Blog” occupies an even smaller corner of the worlds consciousness than African American literature and Feminist Theory at your local bookstore.

I might feel less defensive if I could actually define my content in some pithy way. Alas, I have no niche unless there is a hashtag for “crank” or “outraged citizen”.

I think when I hear this called a “Mom Blog” again I will say “I prefer to call it a Snarky Feminist Mom with Anger Issues Blog”