212 Clown Days

212 days until the Republican National Convention.

212 days of rich people accusing other rich people of being too rich and out of touch with the less rich people.

212 days of God = good, Immigration = bad, small government = good and taxes = bad.

212 days of Newt Gingrich because he is staying no matter what and it also drives up his speaking fees & book sales. Even though Alex Castellanos, a GOP strategist said “Newt has to hold his breath all the way to Super Tuesday, March 6th, raise 30 or 40 million dollars for advertising and fix his problem with female voters [emphasis added] to catch Romney. Those are grandiose problems, even for Gingrich.”

212 more days of people pretending Fox News is, well, news.

On the up side it may only be 35 more clown days of Rick Santorum and Ron Paul. Super Tuesday might purge the field like a 10 state enema.

Even Fidel Castro is sick of the primary.