Blog Layout

The blog site keeps tempting me with New Dynamic Layouts! so I am finally trying it.

This one lets you choose how to view your content. Do you prefer magazine pages? Mosaic? Timeslide? You decide by clicking in the tool bar.

Maybe that is what I have resisted. I am abdicating power of content layout to You! the user of my content. Who “owns” content once it is part of the cyberworld? I am sure there are unlimited numbers of opinions floating on the Internet around this question.

Unlimited digital rights for information dissemination will likely go under faster than the “free TV airwaves” established in 1934. Took broadcasting conglomerates until the 1990’s to beat that legislation into the New Digital TV – the best TV viewing experience ever.

There is very little truth in that promise. Since we don’t pay for cable at our house, “over the air” digital TV means we now get a total of three stations and one of those is the Spanish channel. The current promise of “free airwaves” (universal internet access to bridge the digital divide) will likely never be realized.

So while my blog content is not digital information dissemination by any stretch of the imagination, it does in some ways belong to you, the user. Love the new layout? Hate it? Want the plain old orange box back with the tidy lists?

Let me know.