5-minute fantasy

Every day I treat myself to a 5-minute fantasy.

I get two emails a day to remind me to enter a drawing to win a kitchen makeover. Every day I enter both contests and imagine for a moment that I have won. Its like playing the lottery – half the fun is in imagining what you would do with the money.

My kitchen is perfectly serviceable and I should not complain (some people don’t have kitchens to paraphrase my mother), but I still do. The space is a bizarre set up resulting from a series of “do-it-your-selfers” who were actually “don’t-know-what-we-are-doing-ers”. I would have to post pictures for anyone to understand the oddness of the arrangement.

With one 2-foot square workspace and a stove that is around the corner from the sink and refrigerator, we make it work. My fantasies are all about architects, new wiring and enough cupboards. None of this sub-zero, Viking, granite counter stuff. I would be perfectly happy with Ikea!

That’s another reason why I think I should win the kitchen makeover contest. I would be prudent and frugal and stay within my budget. Aren’t there supposed to be rewards for good behavior?

I will let you know on December 31st if I am “The Lucky Winner!” and until then I will indulge in my five minutes of fantasy every day.