Helpless: Vacation Pt 2

I realized the other day how easy it would be for the CIA/FBI/KGB/TSA or any other acronym to break me and extract any and all information they desired.

I lost my keys.

Not really lost, I knew where there where. They were 500 miles away from the city I was in. 500 miles away from the car I need to drive, the office I need to access and the desk drawers I need to open.

I also discovered that no service is capable of shipping a package on a Saturday after 3:00 pm for less than $1,000. No shipping on the Lords Day. No kidding.

When I found out the keys were missing, I wanted them sent next day air, so I whipped out my iPhone and started calling Fed Ex and UPS to rectify the situation. I discovered that no one ships on Sunday. Really. One service rep told me I should have had my emergency before 2:30pm on Saturday if I expected to receive a package on Monday before noon.

Who knew emergencies could be scheduled.

The shock of multiple people telling me I could not have my keys until Tuesday tipped me into feeling completely helpless. I could do nothing to fix this problem it was officially Out of My Control. I was suddenly living in some bizarre, third-world country where I could not mail a package over state lines on the weekend!

I felt sorry for myself for about two hours and then figured out how I could cobble together what I needed until the keys arrived. And here I am. In my office with access to my files and all my usual work stress.

I am sure there is a life lesson or a metaphor in here somewhere that I should be paying attention to. I will figure it out once my keys are in my hand.