Being worthy of happiness, based on reality

I came across this definition of self-esteem as “being capable of meeting life’s challenges and being worthy of happiness.”

“Self-esteem is a person’s overall judgment of him/herself pertaining to self-competence and self-worth based on reality. Competence is knowing one is generally capable of producing desired results, having confidence in our mind and our ability to think, and making appropriate choices and decisions.

  • Self-esteem is cognitive as one consciously thinks about oneself as one considers the discrepancy between ones ideal self, the person one wishes to be, and the perceived self or the realistic appraisal of how one sees oneself.
  • The affective element of self-esteem is the feelings or emotions that one has when considering that discrepancy.
  • The behavioral aspects of self-esteem are manifested in such behaviors as assertiveness, resilience, being decisive and respectful of others.”

A good and useful explanation. Now someone please explain “based on reality”.