Testing One, Two, Three…

So I have been toying with the idea of starting a blog if only to spare my husband listening to my daily rants. So lets give it a whirl.

This blog is anonymous, or semi I guess since you know my name is Amanda, for a reason. The “Croans” that swirl around all my rational thinking are the words of wisdom passed down to me from my parents. They are both deceased (my dad 18 years ago and my mom 10), but there are the siblings to consider. 

In the hours after each of my parents died some of my siblings erased from their minds all the crappy, mean and outrageously insane things that my parents did or said to any of us. My parents became saints.  So to avoid any confrontations about disputed facts or loyalty to clan, the names and identities will be changed. 

Its funny how people think blog writing is about them anyway. People I describe may sound exactly like your brother-in-law, the stories may seem like they are about your family, a motherly turn of phrase may cause reflexive tensing, but really, its not your family I am writing about. 

Or maybe I am.